Meet The Collective

Let us introduce ourselves - The Comics Collective of contributors to our comics

Laura Howell

Has worked in publishing for several years before succumbing in July 2006 to her primal urges to draw stupid stuff full time. Since then she’s won the International Manga and Anime Festival award for Best Manga and co-edited the MC2 anthology, amongst other things. Look out for her in The Beano, as Minnie the Minx’s stunt-double.

Hunt Emerson 

Born Newcastle 1952; currently lives in Birmingham. Has been a cartoonist since the early 1970s, and has published around 30 books of his daft comic strips. 

Matt Kamen

is a freelance writer for the print magazines NEO and 360 Gamer, and the Web magazines and He really wants to write comics and would sell your soul to do so. But not his own.


uses his Beard Of Power to capture creative ideas that float through the air, like a spider's web catches flies. When an idea is needed he merely strokes his beard and the ideas are released, seeping through his ears and into his brain. He has learned to harness this power into creating comics.

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Mikey also has a webcomic called Stan and Tim's Imaginative Adventures

Asia Alfasi

is a Libyan-born 22-year-old animation student. She's currently working on her autobiographical graphic novel (provisionally titled Native Narratives) which she hopes to see published in 2007. She also has a manga entitled "JinNarration" printed within the "Best New Manga" Anthology. She is extremely partial to her kitty and pizza. 

Dave Gray

Some people say he never eats, some say he never sleeps, but most say he's always asleep... Whatever the truth about Dave Gray, he wants you to know that he likes drawing and he likes you!

Amy Morgan

is an animation student at Wolverhampton University. She draws a number of Webcomics, has been published in NEO magazine and enjoys roleplaying as a werewolf. She's not a furry though, you sick freak. 

John McCrea

Known by many as 'genius', 'president of the universe', 'mr nice guy' and 'that groovy motherf@@ker', draws comics for a living and is known by many more as 'idiot', 'president of the lavatory', 'mr bad teeth' and 'that smelly motherf@@ker' . 

Mick Trimble

is a thirtysomething artist living in Birmingham. Despite appearances he's quite nice, really. His work appears in The End Is Nigh, FutureQuake, Bingo Bonanza, and Lost Property among others. See his work here: 

Ellen Cummins

"Ellie is the king la la la la la."

Kevin Lee Bennett

I was born to be an illustrator, God gave me the gift. Hope you like my comic, God bless you all.  

Andy Baker

always had a flair for the arts. After years of trying his hand at many different genres, Andy finally realised where his talent lies... down the road in the pub, sitting between his motivation and most of his common sense.

Jason Dennis

At primary school I would break the knuckles of other kids who thought they could take over my drawing racket, which helped me to make it through the ranks to the art Godfather I am today. So you enjoy my comic book story - ca-pishh? See his artwork at:

John Crawford

JC (AKA John Crawford) has seriously hamstrung his creative output by refusing to compromise on football and drinking. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, crossed the Sahara and once ate eleven Caramel Rocky bars during a Wimbledon Men's final.

Tony McGee 

is the writer and drawer of many an indy comic you've never heard of. He resides in Wolverhampton and apparently didn't invent the Daleks. See his work here: 

Ryan Taylor
See his work here: